Vito Michienzi

Vito is the detailed-oriented guy of the group who will spend hours deciding on the best word IMG_0395processor to use instead of actually writing. He spends half his day shooting ideas back and forth with Thomas and the other half listening to Matti tell him why all our ideas suck. However, once he puts his headphones on and cranks Portishead, the writing doesn’t stop.

He goes by the moniker Vito Andrews for his works of fiction because keeping things simple was never his forte.

In addition to being an author, Vito is also a professional magician and public speaker. He has the unique background of getting a diploma in computers, Masters in Religion and work experience on the Ford assembly line. Thus, his life has been nothing but working with things that break all the time.

When Vito’s not shuffling cards or hammering on a keyboard, he’s attempting to sneak in a game of Age of Empires 2 with his friends – or making excuses about why he lost another game of Twilight Struggle. Vito lives in Ottawa, Ontario with his (very patient) wife and son.