Huge Update From Us!

Things may have appeared quiet on the surface here at eVw, but in the background, it’s been a storm of activity.

Jast and Silver love it when I use overly-cliché phrases in my writing. Just love it.

Anyway, we’ve been excited as hell to tell you about what’s been happening on our end.

First, we have some new releases!

Mage World: The Burning Crusade

After Matti’s success run with Mage World, he released the follow-up, The Burning Crusade. It has the same creativity that can only come from a man who nobody would ever desire to ‘get into his head.’ I don’t mean this in the George R.R. Martin way where you take the worst of humanity and you pile on something even more fierce, but in the way that your head would explode with how much of a fictional universe that can be kept in there.

At points, Thomas and I wonder if he actually lives in those other universes rather than this one.

This book takes place eight hundred years after the first and chronicles the the Alliance of Plainswalkers, Spectros and Terrans has thrived. With an expanding economy, it seems that the remaining Mage Nations may be swept up into a prosperous coalition ushering in a golden age.

In the Fiery South, the uncompromising Pyros have become secluded from the world. With sanctions against them from the Alliance, a staggering population and the ambitions of a cunning young prince threaten to lead them into a crusade against their neighbors.

Find it here, or enter a Goodreads giveaway to win a signed copy!

Exit Strategies

Take everything you know about Alex Aberdeen, age her and make her more neuortic than usual. This is the third novel featuring our beloved (hated?) heroine, who falls for the perfect man online dating has ever known. What could possibly go wrong?

Betrayed, brokenhearted and enraged, Alex will turn Forest City inside out until she finds the man who crossed her… to destroy him.

This is Jast on full-tilt and he does not disappoint. A reviewer stated it was “the best banter you’ll ever read,” comparing it to Aaron Sorkin’s writing in The West Wing.

Here are two interviews:

An Interview with Writer Thomas Jast
Jast Another Q&A

If you liked the first two Alex books at all, you need to pick this up.

Find it here, or enter a Goodreads giveaway to win a signed copy!

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re big on the giveaways recently. We’re just so damned proud of our books that we’d be willing to forego the Venti Latte at Starbucks in revenue to get them in the hands of readers.

What’s next?

We have a few upcoming releases… like… very soon.

The Immortal Universe

Silver and I teamed up to write a science-fiction epic. It started out as a fragment of an idea many years ago, then transformed into an entire world stuck inside of Silver’s head. As a huge science-fiction nerd, I consider this my homage to the works that have influenced my own desire to be a writer.

“Let’s begin this meeting with a step back … you’re here because the universe is about to end.”
When an indecisive Captain Slydin is met with news the universe is about to end, he must turn against everything he knows to save the people of his home system. However, amidst the choas, there are a few who are bent on taking power for themselves and willing to destroy anyone getting in their way.

If you like your science fiction with a heavy-hand of metaphysics, this release will satisfy the craving.

Derek Must Die

This is a project that Jast and I have poured our excitement and love into. It started out as (mostly) a joke, but the joke kept building until it had to be done. It’s the spiritual successor to “How to Slack Your Way to Success,” except it’s written by much older, wiser and better practiced writers.

We leaked the first chapter to people and every single one of them told us they needed to read this book. They were dying to find out what happens. One of them even told me he doesn’t read, but would pay me for an early manuscript just to read the rest of it.

Keep in mind this is not a book of humour, or a literary text, it was a book we wrote for ourselves and it’s resonating with others.

So what’s it about?

At eight years of age, lifelong friends Adam Bodanski and Tony Puccetti made a bet when their classmate, Derek Pensworth, would die. A hard number of thirty-three was set and at stake was a million dollars from the loser. The bet was sealed by an oath of blood and kept in the forefront of their minds throughout their school days.

Years passed with the bet long forgotten until a letter arrives from their former high school inviting them to their class of ’78 reunion. That’s not the interesting part.

Tony inherited the masonry business from his father, officially making him a millionaire. Derek was about to turn thirty-three and that piece of paper with the childhood bet suddenly became the most valuable item between the two. Whether it was before thirty-three or after, one thing became certain:

Derek must die.

Yes, we’ll have a giveaway for this when it comes out as well, although you are more than welcome to buy it outright when it’s released.

Soundtrack of a ’90s Heartbreak

Yeah, I finally stopped riding the coattails of my friends and put together a solo project.
Originally, it started as a challenge from my students to write a book about a guy who gets dumped a month before prom. I was so in love with the idea, I ended up writing it in less than three weeks because I was having so much fun. Even Jast, who hates anything that’s not edited to technical perfection, loved the first draft and suggested I clean it up for release.

This book follows Elliott, a high school senior, who gets dumped a month before prom. His plan to get back at her? Find the love of his life and rub it in her face.
The problem?

Elliott is socially awkward, turning every encounter into an absolute disaster.

Inspired by pieces of my own dating life, mixed with music released in the 90s and prior, this is a coming-of-age book for those who just don’t have a clue.

That seems like a lot for now, but there’s even more in the pipeline!

Hold tight to your seats and we’ll keep you updated as more projects start coming out.