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Derrick Must Die

Adam and Tony were your average ten-year-olds in the unremarkable town of Tweedsmuir, heading toward a meaningless life soon to be forgotten. That is, until they met their new classmate, the near-mythical Derrick Pensworth.

Weak, pathetic, sickly and forever puffing on a cigarette, Derrick looked to be on the verge of death. It amused no one more than Adam and Tony, who concocted a childhood bet—signed in blood—with a million dollars paid to the one who could guess the age at which Derrick finally drops dead.

Twenty-two years later, Tony inherits his dad’s masonry business, officially making him a millionaire. Suddenly, that childhood bet becomes the most valuable piece of paper in all of Tweedsmuir, but the location and status of Derrick remain unknown.

A wild road trip through nostalgia and regret, Adam and Tony’s manhunt for the man whose life decides the fate of a fortune makes one thing clear: Derrick must die.

This book is the re-unification of Tommy v2 and Zor… just a little older… and still not very wise.